life of a post-grad with finding her way 

ello blog! just checking in :D

i'm so excited for the line of shows i have coming up! i'm playing at a new location in Dallas which i'm pretty excited & nervous for, but i have high hopes! it's a brand new restaurant and it'll be a totally different vibe from what i'm used to, but it will be so nice to meet new people. also, me and my band rehearsed after some time apart which was a lot of fun! we're playing a few gigs and i'm really happy to keep working with them.

now onto the fun existential stuff 😅 i want to keep this pretty short and sweet. there is so much to be thankful for. i have been thinking about my life and where i see myself in a few years, but i realized that i can't look too far ahead into the future without taking the chances i have in front of me now. i've been hearing from some around me that money is the most important thing at this time, but i don't think that's true. of course i know i need to work for something: towards my goals and aspirations, growing my financial stability, and many other things, but i don't think it has to only be by doing something i dread just because it pays higher. i know what it takes to live a fulfilling and meaningful life, and i don't want to hold myself back from anything that would ignite that. i know my goals and i know what i need to do to reach them. i recently read a quote: “the time to live can never be later. it must be now.” i have so much to learn and to see and to soak in, and i am so excited to see what that all entails.

a new chapter. 

hello! i want to make it a point to fill out a new blog post weekly, since these really help me feel grounded. with that being said, there has been a lot of change happening in my life and i am figuring out how to grapple it all with grace. i just graduated college about a month ago and i've been trying to land a job that i like. i don't want to fall into the “norm” of being involved in something that i know would make me unhappy, just cause that's what other people had to do. of course there will be hard days, but i want to be confident in knowing that what i pick will bring me a new sense of strength and challenge.

as for music, i have been taking a step back to really figure out what it is i want to do with it; where i want to go. i have so many songs that i love that i see having a place in this world. until then, i'm working on a few of them to be released this year, eventually leading to a full project. it will take time, but i'm so excited.

my auntie grammy recently said something to me. “it's a happy journey.” and it really is.

how are you doing? 

lately i've been in a bit of a funk. i just started school again today and i am nervous for the amount of hours i am taking, as well as extra curricular's and making music. but one of my classes is focused on songwriting and recording my songs, which i am looking the most forward to. i think me being in my last semester of school is what's tripping me up: it feels like i'm reaching the end of something that has been substantial my entire life. but that's where the excitement for change comes in. i am eager to see what's in store for me this year. i want to work harder and more passionately in everything i do, as well as grow closer to God throughout it all.

little reminders i tell myself through the hard days...

My adversities are also opportunities.

I've accepted that I need to work to become successful and achieve what I want, but for some reason it is so hard. Why?

I have big trouble with the saying "I can't." I will no longer say those words because I know I can. I can do anything.

I am willing to walk even through disagreements. Things won't always go my way, and that's ok.

Be gentle, be kind to myself and others, don't get irritable, speak with glory.