a new chapter.

hello! i want to make it a point to fill out a new blog post weekly, since these really help me feel grounded. with that being said, there has been a lot of change happening in my life and i am figuring out how to grapple it all with grace. i just graduated college about a month ago and i've been trying to land a job that i like. i don't want to fall into the “norm” of being involved in something that i know would make me unhappy, just cause that's what other people had to do. of course there will be hard days, but i want to be confident in knowing that what i pick will bring me a new sense of strength and challenge.

as for music, i have been taking a step back to really figure out what it is i want to do with it; where i want to go. i have so many songs that i love that i see having a place in this world. until then, i'm working on a few of them to be released this year, eventually leading to a full project. it will take time, but i'm so excited.

my auntie grammy recently said something to me. “it's a happy journey.” and it really is.

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